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Try Adoption from China

If you are one of the many couples trying to conceive a child through conventional means with no success, you may want to consider Adoption from China.
Let me share this story with you.
My husband and I are best friends with a couple who has tried for years to conceive a child. They've exhausted most fertility methods that their insurance has allowed them. Finally, they were faced with the decision of trying some expensive methods that were not guaranteed, or of adopting. Over dinner one evening, they told us that they had been thinking about looking into adoption from China. My husband, having been adopted as a baby, told them that he thought that was a wonderful idea. I silently wondered to myself, why they couldn't adopt a child from our own country who needs a home, but expressed my delight for them. Over the next few months, they gathered lots of facts and information about how adoption from China works.

I decided to do some research on my own on adoption from China just to satisfy my own curiosity. I was actually quite fascinated to learn some facts that I would never have guessed. 95% of children that are adopted from China are females. That is because of their population control regulations. I think it is terribly sad that the government has chosen to regulate what the population can be, but I do not live in that country and will not get into that. So, almost anyone considering adoption from China will be guaranteed to be bringing home a little girl. I was surprised to learn that adoption from China averages $20,000 - $25,000. I wondered how the average family can afford those fees. Our friends said that they planned on taking out a home equity loan to be able to afford to move forward with adoption from China.

Both spouses who are looking into adoption from China must be at least 30 years old. That meant that our friends would have to wait one more year before starting the process, giving them time to get prepared and save some money as well. They also needed to get their passports and prepare to take a last minute trip once they were contacted that there was an available child for them. Adoption from China requires that at least one of the spouses travel to the country to bring their child home. I know that they both planned on being there to greet their new family member and perhaps enjoy their time overseas. Once they were both 30 years old, it would most likely be less than a year for them to be able to have a child. In America, that wait can be quite a bit longer.

Right after hearing their thoughts on adoption from China and doing some of my own research, I was thrilled for them. They wholeheartedly knew that adoption from China was what they wanted to do. I will be throwing them a huge shower once they brought home their new family member. They would most certainly be deserving of it.
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