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Your Unlisted phone numbers may not be safe!

Unlisted Phone Numbers used to be the way to go to avoid having someone track you down which you never want to see again.  In todays world this is a reality that we all may share at one time or another.

If you want privacy, you probably have unlisted phone numbers. This works great on a local level, but if someone is really intent on finding you, there are ways around this.

When someone wants to find you for whatever reason, unlisted phone numbers are good, but you have to be even more proactive to keep your privacy. In some cases, you may need to change your phone numbers on a regular basis, or at least as soon as someone undesirable finds you.

Some companies offer, for a fee, a service that promises to find anyone’s unlisted number. This applies to landlines and well as mobile phone numbers, and even fax numbers. I have no idea how they get this information, or if they are very effective, but there are so many companies out there offering to find unlisted phone numbers for you, you have to wonder if they really can find you any number you want.

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If you want to protect your privacy, remember that just having unlisted phone numbers may not be enough. You need to do more.  Maybe have it under someone else's name or an alias.

If you have business ventures, you need to make sure you use an alias or a business name when doing your thing. If you have a website, your personal number might be available online if you have registered under your own name, and have used your unlisted phone numbers. This information is easy to find, so use caution.

Also remember to be careful whom you give your number to, and remind those who have it that your numbers are all unlisted. Make sure they understand your number is not to be shared.

If you are searching for someone’s unlisted phone numbers, stop and ask yourself why.

If you are looking for a lost relative or friend, they may be happy to hear from you, even if they have a private number.

In other cases, you may not be doing yourself any favors by searching for someone’s unlisted phone numbers who may not welcome your phone call.

If it’s a celebrity you are chasing down, stop and ask yourself why. Finding out their unlisted phone numbers and calling them up won’t get you any closer. In fact, if you do it often enough, you might be labeled a stalker. Not so good right?

Remember that there are unlisted phone numbers for a reason. If someone does not want to be bothered, leave them be. If you find that you need an unlisted number, you may want the same respect.

As with anything in this world, unlisted numbers aren’t perfect, but at least they can offer a small measure of privacy when you need it the most.

So remember to protect your privacy an unlisted phone number will not be enough.  A number listed under someone else's name could help tenfold. 

I've tried it and it really seems to do the trick.

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