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Where to find Military Records

Here's why military records should be gotten and kept in a safe place so they are there when you really need them.

In June of 2005 the United States government along with several other supporters sponsored a home coming for Vietnam Veterans.  This was to mark the 30 year anniversary since American troops left that country.  During the week long celebration there were many veterans that were looking for their military records and those of fellow soldiers. 

Many Vietnam veterans had lost track of their military records in their effort to distance themselves from the war.  Vietnam veterans have been experiencing many side effects and mental health issues that are now coming to the surface.  In order to gain health services they need to access their military records.

This long over due event helped many Vietnam veterans deal with the hurts of being rejected by the country that they had been asked to serve.  It also provided a time for the veterans to access their military records through huge data banks that were set up for their use.  The data banks containing the military records were free to use and assistants were available to help.

There were also large volumes of computer print outs containing demographic information on veterans that wanted to share this information with fellow soldiers.  This avoided the red tape of trying to access another person’s military records.  The welcome home celebration was very successful and healing for those that participated.

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There are a number of ways to access your military records.  One of the easiest ways is to contact the veteran’s service officer in your community.  The veterans service officer will enter the information that you provide into the government data base to access your military records.  The veteran’s service officer is also needed to sponsor the person so that you can apply for disability compensation, if you have a physical or mental illness that is service related.  Many veterans are finding that they can connect ailments with their tour of duty, but first they need to access their military records.

You can also access your military records directly through the government.  This process tends to be overwhelming for many; this is why utilizing the free service of the veteran’s officer is helpful.  If your community has a veteran’s hospital or health care center, you can also go through them to access your military records.

The data collection services that are provided through the veteran’s administration hospitals and clinics are of no cost to the veteran.  There are also several programs that provide services to the spouse of military personnel.

Military records are important to obtain and keep so that you can access them when needed.

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